It was fall of the year 1999 that I was offered the opportunity to serve on a building team with CWE (Construction for Worldwide Evangelism) that was to construct a Church building in Santiago Chile the upcoming year. Though it sounded like a good idea, I found every reason not to go. I made excuses like "the financial cost is high", "I don't like to fly", "it would be a hardship on my family at home" and so on and so on. All of these statements were in part true, but they were still just excuses.

   The  summer of 2001, my wife Kathy and daughter Janelle decided to go on one of these trips. They went to Ecuador as part of a team that built a multi-purpose building for a deaf ministry operated by Ray and Anita Bradley. After they returned from that trip, we began to attend the CWE gatherings like the golf tournaments and picnics. We really enjoyed being around the folks involved with CWE.

  Fast forward to March of 2002 and a missions conference at my church. Paul Puleo, the president of CWE, shared it's ministry and the need for block masons for a trip that was take place in the next few weeks. I, feeling safe because I knew I didn't have a passport, went up to Paul afterwards, put my arm around his shoulder and told him how I had laid block when I was in the military and would love to go on the upcoming trip, but that I didn't have a passport and therefore couldn't go with him. Little did I know that a passport can be gotten in just a few days. Two weeks later I was on an airplane on the way to Bolivia for my first trip with CWE.

   I returned from the Bolivia trip with a softened heart for people around the world and the adventure had just begun. I have since been on many trips with CWE.

This website is here to share my experiences with you.