Here are a few photos from the trip Kathy and I took with CWE  to the Bahamas the first weekend in November. It was a fun time with friends, we just took the time to slow down a bit and it was a welcome break.


Here we are pulling out of Port Canaveral as the sun was setting.


Approaching Nassau Saturday morning.

As we left the boat at Nassau, I took this photo of Kathy next to the boat to show it's size. It looks big but was not so big compared to the boat from Princess Cruise lines that was sitting next to it. Our cruise was on Royal Caribbean.

Here we are enjoying some Starbucks after several hours of walking around Nassau.



A photo taken during the "Captains" dinner. We never saw the captain, but we all dressed up anyway.



The following day we went to a private Island owned by Royal Caribbean, it's called Coco Cay. It was small but plenty accommodating for all of us. Here we are posing at one of the beaches with the "Sovereign of the Seas" floating behind us.


Attempting to drink from a coconut I knocked down from a tree on the far side of the island.


Kathy and I, along with our friend Alan began walking along the beach away from all the people, we ended up at the far end of the island and were able to see the ship again so we decided to circumnavigate the whole Island. This side, rather than sandy beaches was jagged volcanic rock. I found a nice little hole full of water left from the receding tide and cooled off a bit.



After returning to the boat, the CWE group dressed up in a 50's theme, had dinner, enjoyed a show then went to a private meeting room and sang Karaoke. I think we all had a fun time.