We arrived in San Pedro Sula Honduras around noon on the 24th of September, we boarded our bus, had some lunch prepared our jobsite for the work that would begin the following Monday.

Here are a few of us sitting in a Sunday School classroom on Sunday morning.

There were some beautiful mountains just a short distance from the job, from the first day, Frank and I were talking about how much we wanted to hike the mountains.

    We borrowed the van from the previous Church we built in the same city and began working early Monday morning.

The weather was incredibly hot and humid, by the time we stopped for breakfast, we were soaked with sweat and ready for a break.

JW laying block. Dan sifting sand.

In the evenings, between work and dinner time we would sometimes sit around a play guitar or just chat. Still the mountains were calling us.  Across the street from our building site, was a house that was being built.

 There were around 30 or so workers that would work all day, then sleep in the house at night. We noticed them watching us work while we watched them work. We wondered if they had ever heard the message of Jesus Christ presented to them in a simple fashion. One of the guys in our group suggested that we pool some money and treat that work crew to lunch one day and share a gospel presentation with them. We ordered enough pizza and Pepsi to feed the entire group, then while they were eating Paul Puleo, using Pastor Marty as an interpreter shared the gospel message.

Seventeen of the men raised there hands to signify that they had prayed to receive Christ. Some of them showed up for church Wednesday night.

Some of the church members, many of them youth, prepared the plywood decking that would be installed during the second week of the project.

The building beginning to take shape.   Like I said earlier, the heat was brutal and really took a toll on our bodies, Ralph improvised with a fan box for a little rest at lunch time.

Still the mountains called. After we laid the last block, Frank gave me the title, Partial Mason and handed me the mason's trowel.

The last thing for us to do was pour a couple of pads to hold the porch posts. Frank needed supervision on this so I asked Melody (one of the Missionaries' daughter) to keep an eye on him.

Friday morning finally arrived, our part of the building project was complete. We had heard the mountain calling all week, so ten of us climbed into the van and headed to the base of the mountain.

We followed a trail that led along a small river.

The wide trail came to a quick end once we came to a point where we had to walk through the river bed.

  We then began the climbing up and following a small path above the river.

The trail all but disappeared.  In places, the trail was not much wider than a shoe. The mountain went up on one side, and down on the other.

We stopped at this waterfall and enjoyed the cool water for while.

That's me in the air. Then we found another waterfall that was great for sliding down.

  Follow this link for a video clip.  Walking back down the mountain, I set my camera up on a tree limb and snapped this picture of myself, I had a great morning enjoying a remote part of God's creation.

Some interesting fruit or something, When I got  back to the village at the bottom of the mountain, I saw this woman doing her wash in the river, notice her child sleeping on the rock in the middle of the river.

Driving down the mountain. That afternoon we made a few stops, one of which was the church building we had built in 2003.

Saturday morning we said our goodbyes and headed to the airport.

We posed for our group photo then headed home.

Back row, Dan, Jason, Kevin (me), JW, John, Paul, Sharon, Lucy, Sonny, Buddy, Shannon, Glyssel.

Front row, Bob, Tom, Dale, Jeff, Tony and Frank.

It was a great trip, I'm looking forward to the next one.