My brother Kent, and I planned a ride up to Mom's place in York Alabama to visit her for her birthday. We left Friday morning shortly after sunrise from Lakeland Florida to head north to west Alabama about a third way up the state. We estimated it would be about 600 miles each way. We didn't really plan a route, just had a destination in mind.
Here is a photo of us getting ready to leave.

Click here for the Video

We rode about 60 miles up to Floral City and took our first break. Kent bought something there at the hardware store.

(Floral City)

We rode up US 19 and stopped along the Suwannee River for another break and called our wives. Don't ask why I have my foot off the ground, I must have thought the picture had already taken and was getting up to get the camera.

Riding up the highway.


We had lunch at a little restaurant in Cross City.


After another rest stop in Perry, we headed west on US 98 and went to Wakulla springs, just south of Tallassee. That is the two of us jumping off the platform at the same time. We didn't intend to look like we were in unison, but it sure looks that way.

We changed back into our riding clothes and got back on the bikes for the ride west. I strapped my wet clothes and sandals on the back of the bike to dry.

Once we crossed into the Central Time Zone, we stopped for dinner at this little place in Blountstown.

We stopped in Marianna Florida and Kent wanted to get a photo of us in front of "The Band Room" Kent is a band teacher.

Some 450 miles and about 12 hours after we started, we stopped in Enterprise, Al for the night.

The next morning we rode on, stopping in Alba Alabama so Kent could apply some sunscreen.

Then off to the Northwest to the small town of Brantly. We stopped at a little antique store there and also enjoyed a root beer.

Since we hadn't planned a route, when we stopped we look at a map and decide which road to take. In Brantly we went left toward Andalusia.

Here is a photo I took of an abandoned gas station, there wasn't much around this area.

We had lunch in Camden, Al then rode on to York where mom saw us ride into town then followed us to show us where she lives.

She allowed us to park the bikes in the gallery below her home so they would be off the street. Now that's a nice mom huh?

That night we sat out under the porch light just talking and hanging out together.  I set the camera on the car and set the timer. I guess I didn't have the aim right, but at least you can tell who was there.

Me, Mom, John, Kent, and in front is Amos.

The following day we took a tour of some "art" houses as mom and John called them, I called them trash houses and mom didn't like that much, so I chose not to call them anything.


Just a neat picture.


Kent and I went exploring on the bikes the next day. We stopped in Demopolis Alabama.


Later had to do some minor electrical work on the 22 year old Goldwing. Nothing a couple of boys from back in the hills couldn't fix.

We were headed south along the Alabama-Mississippi border when I saw a road that looked like it went west, I said "It probably comes out in Mississippi" so we took it. We wound up at the end of the pavement and beginning of a narrow gravel road. It was probably the state line.

We rode along the gravel road anyway. It's not the most fun place to ride "the worlds fastest production motorcycle" but we survived and had fun anyway.

During our last full day there, Mom, Kent and I took a car ride over to Meridian Mississippi and a few other towns around. We just like to explore I guess. That evening we sat outside and visited with a few neighbors and relaxed.

We awoke early the next morning, pulled the bikes out and packed up for the ride home.

We stopped in this small town (Oak Hill)  and I took this photo, the woman in the photo said "You're not from around here are you", she explained that her town had a population of around 80 or 90.

We made a few stops that day, one being Greenville Alabama.

And Camilla Ga.

We spent the night in Valdosta, Ga then headed out the next morning for Florida. We stopped here in White Springs for a little break.

Here is another attempt at an artsy photo in High Springs.

We stopped at Don Pepe's Mexican restaurant in Dunellon Florida for lunch.

Upon arriving home, the dog was happy to see us, notice his smile.

It was a great trip, the roads were great, the towns were neat. The people were nice most everywhere we went and the bikes didn't give us any real problems. It is a trip I would gladly do again.


Click Here  for a small video I made of the ride.