I am one of five sons, born in Missouri in 1965. Here is a photo of each of my brothers and me as kids. Across the back it John, the oldest, Keith #3, Mike, #2. In the front is me, #4 and Kent, #5.

Ah, growing up in the 1970's, we had some classy clothes back then.

Graduated High School in 1983.

Joined the Air Force a few months later.

After six years in the Air Force, I moved to Lakeland, Florida.  I played in a few bands through the years.

I became totally burned out on the band thing. The bar scene wasn't for me. I currently play in my church and have for the last several years.

I have a son and three daughters. The son Brian is married and has a daughter of his own. My oldest daughter Janelle is also married and now has a daughter also.  I had a Chinese foreign exchange student for a year. Here is a photo of us all last Thanksgiving day. (2005)

Now for a little glance at how I came to do what I do today.

   Growing up in my family, we spent a lot of time in the basement of our old farm house learning to play various musical instruments. We mostly played bluegrass and country music, it came to a point that we each could play a little of each of the instruments we had and would trade off as we spent a Saturday playing. I later chose the bass as the instrument I would focus on and now, a big part of my life is playing my bass in my local church.

  After joining the Air Force, they trained me in construction. I eventually became a part of a Squadron called "Red Horse" We basically traveled around the world building. If you've checked out the rest of my site, you can see that I do the same thing now, only without the M-16 across my shoulder.

  I find it quite satisfying doing what God has prepared me to do, although I didn't know that's what he was preparing me for at the time.

I can only wonder what he is preparing for me now?